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About the Author

Paul was born and raised in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Paul and his wife, Lyn, met in college at Georgetown University and were married after Paul graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law. They moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1988 where Paul embarked on a thirty-year business career before retiring so he could write fiction. Paul and Lyn raised three children together in Phoenix and now split their time between Phoenix and Charleston, South Carolina.

Blood in the Low Country is Paul Attaway’s debut novel. Writing this book, along with the move to Charleston, is a coming home of sorts, a return to the South. The history and culture of America’s South is rich, complicated, at times comical, sad, tragic, uplifting, and inspiring. Paul hopes that his novels can capture even a small bit of this tapestry.


Book Clubs

Do you belong to a Book Club? I would love nothing more to participate in a conversation about Blood in the Low Country, the major characters, themes, etc… If your club is in the Charleston, SC or Phoenix, AZ area, I can drop by if you like. Otherwise, let’s put together a Zoom or Skype call.


Given the situation across the country, many independent bookstores and other venues are not hosting traditional book signings. From conversations I have had with a few owners, I know they desperately hope to return to the days when they did.

In the meantime, many have adopted Zoom or other similar technology as a platform for simulating an appearance. I will post these appearances on this site and provide directions as to how one can view a video interview.

Thank you for your interest.